Our Youngest 'Kids'

Our Youngest 'Kids'
Don'cha Just Love 'em!

Monday, 24 June 2013

Having a go at Parchment

Hello all.
Well another week has passed and we still haven't had any decent weather, seems to me that the Summer is over. I hope you have had a good week, for once I can honestly say mine was good. Firstly Andy and I went to the cinema to see the new Superman movie Man of Steel, which I thought was fabulous. I know this might sound odd for a woman of my age but I love superhero films. I don't know who the actor was who played Superman but he was fabulous.
We haven't been to the cinema for ages, as they are doing work on the car park that we normally use and for obvious reasons we can't go as there isn't another one near enough for us to use.
We went to the best cinema I have ever seen, it is in Woodhall Spa which is just outside Lincoln. It is like it is from a bygone age. Everything is like it belongs in the past which was so special to see, and the staff were some of the most helpful people I have come across in a long time.
I spent the rest of the week crafting and finished the week off with my birthday. I spent a lovely day with Andy which we finished of in bed having a KFC and watching the final of The Voice (what a joke that was).
Anyway on to the card. There's not much to say on this one as I only used parchment paper, a pattern and some parchment tools. I love doing Parchment as the results can be so pretty and delicate.
Well that's it for now, hope you have a good week, will be back soon.
Bye for now,
x o x o

Sunday, 16 June 2013

First Attempt

Good morning all.
Well as the title says this is my first attempt using the shaving foam technique. I have seen this done many, many times before but never had a go myself. So armed with a can of Asda smart price shaving foam (Andy gets Staff Discount so it worked out to be a bit of a bargain!!), some card and a plastic box I decided to have a go.
I have to admit it was a very easy technique which I think looks really affective and I was very pleased with the final result. The rest of the card is finished using the Spellbinders heart d-lites die, some Marianne swirls and a lovely butterfly die to finish.
I hope you have had a good week. Mine has been quite good for a change. Firstly we had some friends come to see us, which is really great as I think it is about 30 years since I have seen her. Then we had Andy's birthday, which was a nice day for him, then I rounded the week off with my craft club on Saturday. Our project was a set of notelets and envelopes in a box and I really enjoyed making them and was extremely pleased with the result.
Anyway that's all for this week,
will be back soon.
Take care

Sunday, 2 June 2013

This weeks card

Well, good evening ladies. I hope you have all had a good week.
I went to the Sincerely Yours Craft fayre at Lincoln Showground last Sunday and had a good time, which included spending loads of money. I got some stuff that I needed and some stuff that I just wanted.
So on to this weeks card. I have done this one using Nesties which I have to admit I am loving. There's not much to say about it really as it is quite a plain card, but I really love the colour and the dies, I hope you like it.
Anyway, I am just about to watch The Voice, so will say bye-bye for now.
Have a good week,
till next time
Big Hugz