Our Youngest 'Kids'

Our Youngest 'Kids'
Don'cha Just Love 'em!

Thursday, 16 May 2013

New Cards

Hi everyone, sorry I haven't been posted for a while but to be honest I can't get used to doing it, I will hopefully soon get in to the habit and then there will be no stopping me.
I hope you are all O.K. and have had a good week. Mine has been a bit up and down, the weather has been having an adverse effect on my health (by which I mean, my Arthritis is really killing me at the moment), but I am not going to harp on about it every time I do a post, it's just something I have to put up with.
I am looking forward to the weekend as I am going to a craft club on Saturday and then there is the Eurovision Song Contest Saturday night, which as any of you who follow Andy's blog will realise, I have to suffer as well. Still it is only once a year, so it's not so bad and I don't have to put up with hours of sport as he doesn't really watch a lot of that.
Next weekend there is a Sincerely Yours craft fayre (at the Lincolnshire Showground), so I am really looking forward to having a good old spend up.
Anyway on to this card. I know it is a bit plain but I sometimes like the plain look. There isn't much to tell about this one as you can see, it is a bit of layering with a Nestie in the middle. I have used a couple of peel offs on the corners and have put some gems on the wheel.
Hope you like it.
Have a good weekend and will be back soon.
Take care,


  1. Lovely to see another post from you Jo. Hope you have heaps of fun at the craft fayre and find lots of goodies to craft with. Love the peel-offs in the corners - I tend to use the border ones only so might have to have a look at what other options there are! Enjoy your next couple of busy weekends.

  2. Your card is beautiful, Jo! The clean style gives it such elegance! Very pretty medallion!

  3. Nothing wrong with clean and simple, you card is beautiful Jo really elegant. Great to see you back in the land of blog.
    Cant wait to catch up with you and Andy at the show.
    Big hugs